DIY Wedding

This wedding was a labor of love, done on a tight budget, and in a very short time frame. I believe we had a total of three weeks to plan and create. Myself, along with 5 other girlfriends came together to make it happen. Both backdrops were Pinterest inspired. We did, however tweak them to make them much easier to create.

(Photo credit:  Lauren Jones Photography)

Photo opt. background: We had a friend build us a backdrop with pallets. We then strung greenery on the backdrop as well as a banner that read “Mr. & Mrs. Swick”.  I can’t tell you how much I loved how the greenery turned out! Such a simple, yet effective way to add color to a pallet backdrop. I definitely want to tie in greenery in future events. (Tutorial)

Arbor:  Wax paper flowers were strung to create a wall. This project was much more tedious, but in the end we loved the more elegant look it gave. Since we used mostly wood & greenery, the white flowed well. Cutting small circles from wax paper doesn’t sound very challenging, but when you’re needing to cut enough for 20 plus strings, it can be pretty time consuming. This is where pre prep and having a few people working on various strings at the same time helps! (Tutorial)

Aisle: Since mason jars have been a trend for a while now, it was easy to collect numerous jars from friends. We used white, inexpensive flowers in each jar and lined them along the sides of the aisle. In smaller jars, we placed a candle.

Invites: Watercolor wreath invites were purchased on Etsy and printed locally.

My friend Lauren saved the day when she cut off pieces from an unique bush in her parents yard. We ended up using it for the top of the arbor, mixed in mason jars with flowers and on the greenery background.

When creating, it’s all about being resourceful, letting the Lord inspire us in the details, and making something beautiful for the world to see.




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