Sweet Baby Nova

In our circle of friends, it seems there are quite a few baby showers! For each shower we come together to create, plan and delegate. I absolutely love how this shower came together and that there were so many sweets to choose from. ..yum. Typically, a group of the ladies closest to the momma all bring a yummy brunch type dish. Luckily, I have a collection going of all white dishes. White usually goes well at most parties, so they come in handy often.

The mantle was the main focal point for the shower, mainly due to the large paper flowers.  A group of us came together one evening to make the paper flowers. We first printed templates out for the petals which were in three different sizes. We only ended up using the large and medium sized petals. After we had made a few flowers, we realized how much easier it would be to simply make two sizes of petals and to simply free hand them. Some times you try instructions out from Pinterest and find that there is a much simpler way of doing things.

Here’s my super simple version:

  • Use a cereal bowl to cut numerous circles out of card stock paper.
  • Cut petal shapes out of colored paper of your choice. Cut medium and large petal sizes.
  • Cut a slit at the bottom of each petal. Make the two cut sides cross, then staple. This gives each petal a curve much like a real flower petal.
  • Use a hot glue gun to place petals around the card stock circle previously cut. Start with bigger petals on the outside layer and then place two rows of medium sized petals as the next two layers.
  • For the center of the flower: use scissors to fray a long, folded piece of paper. Then roll the paper up & glue to the very center of the flower base.

For more detailed instructions and pictures, check out this tutorial.

Numerous vases and jars that I had spray painted gold, were used as decor on each table. You can do so much with spray paint! Inexpensive vases of all shapes and sizes can be found at your local dollar store.

A list of of where each item was purchased:

  • vases: Dollar tree
  • black and white striped vase: Target
  • flowers: local grocery store
  • pom-pom banner: Etsy
  • cardboard letters: Hobby Lobby
  • Table clothes: Razzle Dazzle events

Please let me know if I left an item out or if you have a question regarding any of the decor.



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