Floral Crowns

Originally, I had the vision for my daughter and I to wear matching flower crowns  for my maternity photo shoot. I had not made one before.  I was also super limited on time, but I was determined to make it happen.

Then, my sweet friend, Miss Melody, the Rockstar that she is, decided to use my DIY post to create an even more amazing flower crown for her college grad portraits. I absolutely love how hers turned out, so I had to update this blog so that it could be included!


Supplies needed:

  • Flowers and greenery
  • Floral wire (I’m sure regular wire would work great too)
  • Scissors


  1. Wrap wire around your head to determine the appropriate length. You want to wrap it around in the place you would like the crown to sit. (Wrap wire around 3+ times if you are planning to use several larger flowers)
  2. Twist the ends and wrap them around the crown to hide ends.
  3. Cut flowers and greenery tops off, leaving about an inch & 1/2 of their stems remaining.
  4. Cut pieces (about the length of a pencil) of floral wire out and lay to the side.
  5. Lay greenery on top of the wire with the stems facing towards the back of the crown.
  6. Begin wrapping floral wire around each section of greenery tightly to secure pieces.
  7. Make your way around the crown with greenery until the entire crown is covered.
  8. Select flowers you would like on the crown.
  9. Decide which side and spot you want each flower to be positioned.
  10. Repeat the same technique used to wrap greenery. Place flower heads  forward facing and wrap the stem section around the crown with wire. 

Overall, it took me about 15mins to complete both crowns. If I had more time I would have added more flowers of various sizes. In the end, I still loved how simple they turned out.

You can use multiple  layers of floral wire to create the initial crown, if you would like a more sturdy feel. I liked that our crowns were super flexible and lightweight.

Here are a few different variations of the fresh flower crown:

Happy crafting! Comment below if you have any questions.




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  1. Mary Ysaguirre

    I really loved the idea I should tell my youngest daughter to do this thank you and God Bless you and Pastor David and babies.

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