Why I started watercolor painting + Free prints!


Some of you may remember that I wrote a children’s book in honor of my sweet Eden. Well, originally I had asked one of my super talented friends to illustrate the book, but as she began the painting process, I started feeling a nudge from the Lord to be the one to illustrate the book. Thankfully, she’s such a loving and encouraging friend that she totally understood and became my biggest cheerleader. (Gosh, I’m thankful for true friends!) At first, I honestly felt anxious at the thought of it. I do see myself as a creative, but I had never tried painting. I had no previous experience with watercolor, nor sketching images. Well, beside drawing giant block letters when we made pep rally signs in cheerleading. Oh, and all of those basic drawings as a kindergarten teacher. Which, my students thought were pretty amazing. But, besides that, nothing more.

Nonetheless, I decided to ask for an “art” table for Mother’s day so that I could create a simple little nook in our massive bedroom. (I have no idea why they built it so huge!)  I found the table at IKEA (of course :)) It’s right by a large window/door that gives me the best light ever for painting. It’s my happy place.

Then,  one day, after gathering supplies, I decided to sit down and just try it out. After looking at inspiration pictures online, and watching a few videos, I started to get the hang of it. The more I sketch and paint, the more I love it. It’s a new passion that I cannot get enough of. I am about 25% of the way done with my book illustrations. As much as I wish I could be done already, I am learning to take my time, enjoy the learning process, and trust the Lord’s timing for this book’s completion.

It’s a huge learning curve, but I know I’m the one for the job. Besides illustrating,  I have also been practicing painting some of the things I love or find inspiring.
I plan to continue sharing my watercolor journey with all of you, which is a super vulnerable, yet freeing move. Soon I’ll share my favorite supplies, as well as online classes I use, and of course I’ll offer more printables to my subscribers.
Who knew, at 34 years old I would find a love for painting?! It’s never to late to find a new passion guys. To see some of my paintings and more of my day to day painting fun, follow me on Instagram and check out my highlight stories.
Here are some super cute llamas I painted this week just for you.  I mean… who doesn’t like llamas? Just click the link below and subscribe to my blog and you will have access to both PDF files to print at home and use however you wish! I plan to frame one of these llamas and put it on the wall of our home office 🙂
For a more authentic look , try printing on watercolor paper. Please let me know if you have any trouble downloading or printing. I’d be glad to help you out! Until next time, have an amazing weekend and don’t forget to take time to create!

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