Printable Christmas Cuties

Hi. friends! Christmas is my favorite time of year so I couldn’t help myself and I already have my tree up! Anyone else? I mean I want to get the fullness of Christmas for the longest time possible! I also decided to paint these cuties with you in mind–I hope you like them! I plan to frame a few for our home and I’ll def show you how that turns out.

These will print in 8×10, but you can always print them smaller. I like to print them out on watercolor paper for a authentic look, or card stock works great too.

I pray you guys have such a beautiful holiday season.

IMG_0914Instant Download $2 – Buy this product


Instant Download $2 – Buy this product

Instant Download – $2 Buy this product


Instant Download $2 – Buy this product

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Instant Download – $6 (set of 4) Buy this product

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