Pulling The Thread

“It all starts with a tug, and if we are willing—it results in a completely unraveled, surrendered, freedom-filled lifestyle.”
After the birth of my second child I realized the need for a place mother’s of littles could come together and be encouraged. After all, we know the little years are tough. From that realization, the mom’s group “Pulling the Thread” was birthed. A team made up of some of my closest friends come together to lead PTT at Rock City Church every few weeks! If you’re in the area please feel free to join us!If you’re not local, follow along as I share encouraging messages from our gatherings!
Much like a tightly weaved tapestry, most moms stick to the neat and structured path in front of them, only seeing the daily routine that is motherhood. But, within PTT we are challenged to remember the bigger purpose we are called to.
Together we allow God to tug on our hearts until we become completely unraveled and surrendered to His ways.
To love, share the gospel, and be His hands and feet even in the midst of our current season on motherhood.
To live intentionally for something greater than ourselves.
To live a life full of passion and adventure.
To pursue the dreams and callings the Lord has for us.